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Comprehensive Eye Tests

At Fitzgerald Optometry, we believe that a comprehensive eye test is essential for optimal eye health and vision. Unlike a standard vision screening, which only assesses your vision, our comprehensive eye tests evaluate the complete health of your eyes. These tests allow us to detect any early signs of eye conditions or diseases, many of which can be managed more effectively with an early diagnosis. Our experienced optometrists use the latest technology and techniques to examine your vision and eye health thoroughly.

Need an Update on Your Prescription?

Keeping your prescription up to date is crucial for ensuring that you have the best possible vision. During our comprehensive eye tests, we carefully assess your visual acuity to determine if there have been any changes in your vision. Whether you need glasses for the first time or it's time to update your current lenses, our detailed examination ensures that your prescription is accurately tailored to your needs. Regular updates to your prescription can significantly improve your quality of life, from reducing eye strain to enhancing clarity and overall visual comfort.

Eye Care for Every Age

The frequency of your visits to an optometrist can depend on various factors, including your age, health history, and any existing eye conditions. It is generally recommended for adults to have a comprehensive eye exam every two years. However, if you're over the age of 40 or if you have risk factors for eye diseases (such as diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, or a personal history of eye injuries), annual tests are advisable to monitor your eye health closely. Regular check-ups allow us to track any changes in your vision and eye health over time, ensuring that any necessary adjustments to your eye care routine can be made promptly.

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